Frequently Asked Questions


Sign up into the Indi mobile app via Google, Apple, Facebook or your phone number. Upload your photo, add your username, link your Paypal to receive money and you’re ready to start!

Yes, 60 seconds for all videos. However, for our on demand video feature, you can create content up to 10 minutes long.

Be sure to search our catalog for all retailers that could carry your favorite brands. For example, Target or Walmart may carry your favorite brand. If you still don’t find your favorite brand, email us at and tell us the name of the product and brand that makes it. We will reach out to that brand and do our best to get them in our catalog within 90 days.

Email us here

You can find the payment method in “Settings”. You can connect your channel to your PayPal account through which all your financial transactions for Indi shall take place.

We are in the process of adding more payment methods such as Venmo. Please do begin receiving payments via Paypal today.

Routinely ensure that the product links you have tagged are functioning and not broken. If they are not working, that means the product no longer exists or is out of stock. Find a similar product to tag so you can continue to earn commissions.

Joining through an organization? Be sure to select “I’m part of an organization” and enter the organization code that you should have received.

Shop & Earn

Shop from your favorite stores and make money while you do it! Choose from over 2,000 retailers.

When you buy any product via Shop and Earn, you earn cashback. The cashback amount is a fixed percentage set by each brand on Indi. Your earnings will reflect on your dashboard.

Merchants have a return window that lasts between 30 to 90 days. Once that return window closes, your earnings will be added to your My Earnings in your dashboard.

Recommend Products

When a friend or follower buys any product from your links, you earn a commission. The commission is a fixed percentage set by each brand on Indi. You can verify commission offerings listed by searching the brand’s name in the catalog.

After reaching $25 in commission earnings, you will be eligible to get paid. You can track your progress in the “Your Earnings” on your personalized dashboard in the app. You can find a more detailed analysis of your progress under the “How Are You Doing” section in the app. Note that merchants have a 30-90 day return window policy. This means the profit you made will reflect in your dashboard after the return window closes.

Items do not need to be exactly the same, but should be similar to the product in the content you upload on your public profile. Do ensure that the product you add is available and not out of stock.

Be sure to search our catalog for all retailers that could carry your favorite brands and products. For example, Target or Walmart may carry the product or the brand you are looking for. If you are unable to find an exact product, you can get a commissionable link to the brand’s entire store - a universal link. Or, you can try and find a similar looking product that can be added instead.

Merchants have a return window that lasts between 30 to 90 days. Once that return window closes, your sale will be credited to your account.

Share your links and profile across all your social media platforms, over email, text messages, business cards and on your websites. Bring your audiences to your public store by promoting your store link as much as you can!

On-Demand Video

First, do check that all your uploads are showing up on your public profile and have been uploaded correctly. If this is done correctly, the only thing left to do is aggressively share your video link and/or the link to your public Indi profile across all of your social media handles to drive audiences to your page.

No, once you have paid for a video, you don’t need to pay for that particular video again. You may watch it unlimited times.

If you have paid the required amount for the video, it will take a few moments to reflect on your account. If the transaction was unsuccessful, the money will be refunded back to your account within 5-7 business days.

Shout Outs

The more content you create and the more you promote your public profile across social media, the more you will get people to engage with and buy from you.

This is entirely up to you. You can always change your price if you think you’ve charged too low or too high. Remember your fans can offer to pay you higher or lower than your price. You can use their feedback to better gauge your price points. Ask yourself, how much would you pay for the service you’re providing? Remember, your video responses are 60 seconds.

You must accept and respond within 72 hours of receiving a shoutout or request.

If your request was not responded to in time, it was likely declined. You will not be charged. You can try requesting again and perhaps making a very compelling video and raising your offer price.

If the celebrity does not have a channel or account on, email us their name with their references at We can request the celebrity to join Indi.

Yes, you can request a user for a shoutout as many times as you like, but it is entirely up to the user to accept or reject the request.

At the moment, you cannot restrict a person from sending you requests, but you can decline their requests as many times as you like.

Personalized Advice Requests

This is entirely up to you. You are expected to do your best to review the requestor's video and customize a response. Keep in mind that your responses are only 60 seconds when you’re setting your price.

Establish your expertise through the content you create, the promotion you do for your public Indi profile across social media platforms, and also through the tone and branding of your Indi profile.

If you have requested for your video to be reviewed, you must wait for 72 hours for the expert to respond to it. If they do not, you will not be charged and you can then send a new request.

There is no limitation to sending video requests. However, do note that you will be required to pay the fee for every request made.

Indi Referral Program Overview

Through the Indi referral program, Indi members can receive $20 for every person they refer to the app directly through their personal referral link. The Indi member’s $20 referral bonus will be payable once their referral reaches $20 in earnings (ie: qualified referral). The referring Indi member will also receive 20% of Indi’s commissions for 12-months on earnings generated from their qualified referrals.

Earnings generated by referrals of your referrals do not contribute to the program’s bonus payout qualification or commissions.